My Story

This chapter of my story began in the summer of 2005.

Like chapters in any good book it has had its twists and turns and for a long time it looked as if the book itself never see the light of day.

For many years I have wanted to use my creativity to make things to sell and so in 2005 thinking that some kind of retirement hobby would be good I made a few bags.

Even that long ago I was very aware and conscious of the waste in our society and the horrendous amount of plastic that we use.

To try to help I added cotton string bags and eco-friendly cotton bags to the range to be able to offer a completely plastic bag free package.

In 2007 I met , and became friends with, Rebecca Hosking M.B.E who had just completed her film for the BBC - Hawaii - Message in the Waves. It highlighted the quite frightening amount of plastic in our oceans and the damage that that plastic was doing to our environment and ecology - sadly only 11 years ahead of it's time!!!!

To do something about this and to try to make a difference she had persuaded the traders in her own town of Modbury in S. Devon to become completely plastic bag free.

So it was that Modbury became the 1st town in the world to be completely plastic bag free.

An incredible achievement.

Rebecca chose us to supply the branded, promotional eco bags for the Modbury Traders.

The interest that that created meant that my plans had to be put on hold - the chapter could be finished later.

Doing my microscopic little bit to help reduce plastic bag use was far more important.

Now 11 years on and with many people jumping on the bandwagon and with a plastic bag tax finally in place I can get back to my own book.

There is still too much waste. Still too much plastic. Still too much landfill.

If I can make something that people will cherish from that landfill and design and print bags that people will want to carry it is win win for all of us and so my dream of being gentleontheplanet was re-born.

I hope that you like my products so that what was unwanted is now loved and I have managed to create a bit of Luxury from Landfill.

Thank you Barbara